Coastal Structures



Breakwaters are regarded as one of the principal components of open sea harbors due to their high investment costs, challenging construction techniques that require specialized equipment, and their crucial role in the operational efficiency of port activities.

With our expert breakwater design team, we have carried out various heavy-duty breakwater projects in different seas around the globe. In most of these projects, we applied rubble mound designs in addition to designs with accropodes, core-locs, tetrapods, and x-blocs. In some cases, our expert team successfully developed piled, caisson-type, and floating breakwater designs.


We provide expert-level engineering and consulting services for property owners, developers, contractors, and dredging companies in challenging dredging and reclamation projects. In addition to various port-dredging works, we have contributed to numerous island reclamation projects with offshore sand supply in the Maldives, the MENA region, and the Mediterranean. 

Our services in such projects have included engineering works of dredged and reclaimed sections, preparation of construction methodology, downtime analysis, sediment plume modeling, and construction consulting.


We provide consulting and engineering services for local municipalities and urban waterfront developers that want to maximize public use of coastal areas. Within the scope of these projects, we usually collaborate with urban designers and contribute to the planning and design stages of boat-mooring spaces, beaches, sunbathing platforms and piers, water-sports areas, and artificial islands with the aid of our extensive experience in the field of coastal engineering.


Shore protection structures refer to any coastal construction built to protect coastline from erosion. These may include shore-normal groins, river mouth jetties, islands, offshore and submerged breakwaters, etc. In order to select the best shore protection scheme, it is essential to develop a thorough understanding of the natural conditions that lead to erosion and examine the area’s wave and hydrodynamic conditions. We effectively utilize numerical modeling technologies at this stage and make design decisions based on the outcomes of model studies.


ARTI Proje is one of the most experienced design groups in beach development and nourishment projects. We design artificial beaches for the facilities whose coastline are not suitable for beach use or continuously eroding and degrading by time. We analyse the local environmental conditions in each project area by running computer simulations of wave, hydrodynamic and sand transport regime, and based on the collected data  through modelling we develop beach designs that will provide optimal size under the given physical conditions. We also provide site consulting during construction and post-construction monitoring periods.