Recreational Ports



Our marina design services cover a wide range of facilities, from small boat harbors to superyacht facilities. As for marina projects, in addition to marine structure design, we provide a vast range of engineering services, including equipment selection, wave modeling, electrical and mechanical infrastructure planning and design, pontoon and linked anchorage system design, mooring planning, land-side facility programming, marina management system optimization, and more.


Modern cruise terminals require the conscientious planning of land-side facilities in harmony with the water-side in order to achieve optimal efficiency in terms of passenger operations. ARTI Proje has worked on numerous cruise port projects, where we undertook the master planning of port facilities, design of berthing structures suitable for mega cruise ships, mooring and berthing analysis, scour design, and berthing accessories planning. In some of these projects, we performed challenging tasks such as transforming old ports into cruise ports or increasing their berthing capacities. For most of these projects, we upgraded and strengthened existing facilities and developing solutions for scour-related problems.


Sea transportation is a preferred means of transport, especially in cities with coastline. Therefore, we design ferry ports while considering mooring restrictions on the piers used for passenger ferries.