Largest Greenfield Project


Filyos Port will be protected by two massive breakwaters against the harsh wave climate of the Black Sea. The original tender designs with tetrapods were converted to xblocs during the detailed design stage. Using xblocs provided huge economy in terms of the total concrete amount and labor adding to equipment costs. A saving of 47% in the total concrete amount is achieved.

Filyos Port breakwaters became the first application of xblocs in Turkey.

Our Work Scope

The construction of the port was undertaken by the EPC Contractor Kolin Construction Co. As ARTI Proje, we have provided detailed design services as well as construction consulting. Our work scope included wave modeling, basic and detailed design of breakwaters, berths and dredging, and reclamation works.

Filyos Multi-Purpose Port is located on the central Black Sea coastline of Turkey. It is the largest greenfield port development project of recent years.

Owner: Ministry of Maritime, Transportation and Communications, Turkey

Contractor: Kolin Construction Co.

Investment: 450 million USD


The total length of berths at Filyos Port amounts to 3000 m. Approximately half of the berths were designed to 19 m net draft and the remaining to 14 m. Container berths were designed for 100’ STS cranes.

The structural system employed in the design of the berths comprises steel pipe piles with precast and in-situ concrete composite deck structures. Piles have a diameter of 50 with a wall thickness of 18 mm.

Dredging and Reclamation Works

Filyos Port is one of the very first projects in Turkey where large-scale dredging and reclamation works are involved. Total dredging works amount to more than 20 million m3.

Most of the dredging will be executed inside the port basin for creating the required water depths for the design vessels. Basin dredging will be done mostly in sand layers and the dredged material will be used for reclamation behind the berths.